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Advantages of our new dual-power sprayer

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Advantages of our new dual-power sprayer

With the gradual standardization of slope greening construction, customers have higher and higher requirements for construction effects and construction efficiency. The so-called clever women can hardly cook without rice. At this time, in addition to mastering excellent construction technology, spraying equipment also plays a major decisive factor. . With more and more types of spraying equipment, more and more customers like high-power dual-power spraying machines. In response to this phenomenon and the increasing demands of customers on the market, we are based on the principle of thinking about what customers think, eager for customers' urgency, solving customer's confusion, and providing customers for their needs. The technicians of Hengrui Machinery worked overtime to study and discuss. After the unremitting efforts and hard research of the technicians, they developed a cost-effective 380-horsepower high-power dual-power sprayer.


The main advantages of Hengrui dual-power spray seeding machine are as follows:

1. 380 horsepower is more powerful

2. The mixing speed of the four-cylinder diesel engine is faster and more stable

3. Low-power diesel engine mixing, lower fuel consumption

4. It can be sprayed with pure grass fiber and mixed grass fiber. The general type is stronger.

5. The new single-stage pump has a compact structure and is easy to maintain. The later use cost is low

6. Self-switching between side feeding and rear feeding is more flexible.

7, 10 cubic large volume spraying efficiency is higher

Hengrui Machinery entered the research and development and production of spraying equipment at the early stage of the development of the domestic slope greening industry, and has been engaged in the research and development and production of spraying equipment for nearly 20 years. We are committed to applying the spray seeder technology to various fields of ecological restoration, and strive to contribute to the ecological restoration of space!




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