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Function introduction and product advantages of hydroseeding machine for park greening

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Function introduction and product advantages of hydroseeding machine for park greening

With the development of my country's economy and the advancement of science and technology, the requirements for the level of the ecological environment are also increasing. New communities and parks are being built everywhere. The grass seed sprayer for park greening has slowly entered people's field of vision. For the past two decades, Hengrui Machinery has focused on the development of the spray seeder business. There are all kinds of spraying machines. Let's introduce the grass seed sprayer for park greening.


Function introduction of grass seed sprayer for park greening:

It is suitable for artificial re-greening of soil slopes, soil-mixed rock slopes, covered three-dimensional nets and other slopes with gentle slopes and low slope heights. Pure grass fiber operation or appropriate amount of soil for spraying can be formed at one time. During construction on site, appropriate amount of soil can be added according to the slope conditions to reduce the amount of grass fiber, greatly reduce the construction cost, accelerate the construction speed and effectively the germination rate and survival of the grass seeds.

Product advantages of grass seed sprayer for park greening:

1. High sowing efficiency: pure grass fiber or single sowing can achieve a spray sowing area of more than 1000 square meters in a single tank.

2. Strong maneuverability: Diesel engine drive can be equipped with a mobile chassis, mixing and conveying can realize rapid material filling and spraying, which is conducive to scattered slope spraying and transfer operations.

3. High safety: The machine is safe and simple to operate. The machine's anti-skid platform is equipped with a full-featured operating panel. The high protective fence can be loaded and unloaded as required, which not only guarantees the safety of the console and gun operators and other staff, it is spacious and flat. The console can also temporarily stack spray materials.




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