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Functions and applications of hydroseeding machine

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Functions and applications of hydroseeding machine

Hydroseeding machine is hydroseeding grass seeding machine.The hydroseeding machine can quickly spray the plant growth substrate and grass seeds on a large area of slope and land to achieve rapid spraying and greening effects. Spraying grass planting and spraying planting protection technology use the principle of liquid seeding to scientifically treat plant seeds that are tenacious and can meet various greening functions with fertilizers, planting soil, fiber materials, water-retaining agents, adhesives and water. Put the mixture into the mixing tank of the sprayer according to a certain proportion, stir the mixture evenly, spray the mixture directly to the slope surface through the sprayer centrifugal pump or introduce a hose to transport it to the slope surface to form a uniform covering layer. Plant seed layer, and then lay non-woven protection, and a construction technology for compulsory greening of the slope surface.


Hydroseeding machine application range:

·Various high and steep bare rock (soil) slopes of roads, tunnels, railways, and rivers

·Landslide slope

·Dam slope of water conservancy project

·Quarries, mining yards, waste slag dumps

·Concrete spray-anchor slope

·The slag hill and the red mud hill of factory waste

·Barren mountains, barren beaches, deserts, barren hills, etc

·Wind-proof and sand-fixing, soil erosion control, and water source conservation

·Large-scale land afforestation and urban greening.



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