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Hengrui hydroseeding machine Supports Green industry Development

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Hengrui hydroseeding machine Supports Green industry Development


Spring comes back to the earth and flowers are thousands of trees, everything is full of green! People respect the nature and protect the ecological environment before they can get gifts from nature. Grasp the suitable March-June months to sow green for the earth!

For more than 15 years, Hengrui Machinery has devoted itself to the field of ecological restoration, practicing the concept of "green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains". Achievements have been made in the fields of mine restoration, slope greening, and soil improvement.

In the future, Hengrui Machinery will continue to fight for the ecological cause and protect nature and repair every devastation of the earth with lifelong energy! Contribute to the construction of the ecological environment, build a green home, protect the ecology, and promote the harmonious development of man and nature!

      To solve the problems of green development, especially the key technical problems, Hengrui Machinery concentrates its advantages in the industry, exerts its research and development strength, overcomes technical problems, and manufactures the HKP-180 type spray seeder for mining. Advantages:

1. High range. With a solid content of 80%, it can achieve a direct range of 70 meters, a horizontal range of 120 meters, and a takeover head of 150 meters. The solid content of spraying is higher in viscosity, and the thickness of spraying is 2-4cm, which is better than that of counterparts (1-2cm)

2. Large volume. 10m³ tank volume. Compared with similar products, the tank design can achieve 30% more effective volume under the same length. Optimizing the tank structure greatly increases the effective volume of the tank and improves the efficiency of single-tank spraying operations. Try not to increase the center of gravity of the sprayer and minimize the risk of vehicle dragging operations.



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