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Hengrui soil screening machine

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Hengrui soil screening machine

In recent years, as the country has paid more attention to slope greening and ecological restoration, a large number of slopes need to be repaired. In response to the slogan "Green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains", companies engaged in slope greening are also speeding up construction in full swing. During the construction process, the spraying equipment and the supporting equipment sieving machine will be used. The combination of the two can achieve a multiplier effect with half the effort and improve the construction efficiency. The spraying equipment must add an appropriate amount of substrate to spray on the slope to achieve the spraying effect, and the requirements for the substrate are also very good, so the well-screened soil is a prerequisite for the efficiency of spraying and greening. Hengrui's soil sieving machine is suitable for all kinds of soil, and it still has a good effect in wet and sticky soil.


The performance of Hengrui sieving machine mainly includes:

1. One-piece crushing and screening. The crushing and screening can be carried out simultaneously, which can not only crush large pieces of soil but also screen materials, which greatly improves the utilization rate of materials.

2. Roller design, the material is screwed and conveyed, so that the material can be crushed and processed multiple times in succession

3. Design a flapping system that can handle the problem of sticking to the net in wet soil.

4. Strong ability to pass large aggregates. The large aggregate at the feed inlet is isolated, and the feed inlet is screwed forward, which can realize the safe passage of large aggregates with a diameter of 15cm-20cm, which improves the adaptability to various harsh screening materials.

5. The overall design is humanized, and there is a stand-in platform at the feed inlet to observe the feed situation.

6. High output. It can treat more than 200m³ of soil per day to ensure the supply of soil for spraying.

7. Strong mobility. Diesel-driven, movable traction chassis design, strong maneuverability.

Hengrui Machinery is a manufacturer specializing in spraying and greening equipment. It focuses on customers and strives to exceed customer expectations. You can choose diesel-driven, electric, and customized machines that suit you according to your needs.



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