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Hengrui takes you in-depth understanding of what is a hydroseeding machine

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Hengrui takes you in-depth understanding of what is a hydroseeding machine

At first, first understand the concept of hydroseeding machine. What is a hydroseeding machine? The hydroseeder is a device used for slope greening. Through this device, green grass seeds and other soil substrates, water-retaining agents, binders, fertilizers, etc. are mixed with water in the spray seeder mixing tank and sprayed on the slope surface.


Because of the difference in slope, geology, and environment, as well as the difference in engineering requirements, the spray seeder needs to meet many requirements. Therefore, there are many types of spraying machines on the market: guest soil spraying machine, hydraulic spraying machine, fiber spraying machine, agglomerate spraying machine and so on. Let me briefly introduce to you the applicable scope of the four main spray-seeding machines.

The guest soil spray planter is mainly used for high and steep slopes, rocks, hard soils, sandy soils, barren land, acid soils, arid areas, coastal dams and other places where plants are difficult to grow, and the spraying mud is dense.

The hydraulic spray seeding machine is suitable for the greening and spraying of grass seeds with gentle slopes such as soil slopes and gardens, and the spraying slurry is relatively thin.

The fiber spray planter is mainly used for the greening of the slope of the rocky mine without vegetation conditions. It sprays nutrient substrates such as water-retaining agent and fertilizer on the slope surface, and adds wood fiber or grass fiber to prevent rain erosion. .

The main feature of the pellet seeding machine is that it can achieve 90-degree slope operation, the spraying substrate is hydrophobic and water-retaining, and it solves the problem of rainwater erosion in the spraying and greening of high and steep pure rock slopes.2



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