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How is Hengrui machinery`s hydroseeder?

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How is Hengrui machinery`s hydroseeder?

Henan Hengrui Machinery has nearly 20 years of experience in the production and development of the hydroseeder, 11 patents related to the spray seeder, a modern hydroseeder processing base of 10,000 square meters, a comprehensive experimental office building of 3000 square meters, and the establishment of the central part A regional slope greening spraying technology and equipment engineering technology research center. So what about the use of Hengrui hydroseeding machine?


1. Large outlet pressure: the invention patent "multi-stage booster mud pump", the outlet pressure of the mud pump is 2.4Mpa, which is 2 times higher than the outlet pressure of the mud pump in the same industry.

2. Long conveying distance: When the solid content exceeds 80% and the slurry concentration, the direct injection height is 50 meters, and the multi-stage pressurized conveying platform can achieve the conveying distance of more than 300 meters.

3. Customized power: a series of power equipment such as low fuel consumption, low speed, high torque, strong plateau adaptability, and low maintenance cost. High power matching, increased power conversion performance, and improved spraying efficiency.

4. Quality assurance: Standardized assembly line operation, 12-month warranty for the whole machine (except for vulnerable parts), life-long on-site after-sales service, no blind spots in the service network, covering many provinces.

5. Technical support: Slope greening construction: plan design—equipment procurement—material supply—construction technical guidance—post-maintenance management integrated services, providing you with an integrated overall solution for slope greening construction and ecological environment restoration.

6. Good reputation in the industry: The hydroseeding machine produced by Hengrui is widely used in the market and has been well received by everyone.

The hydroseeder produced by Hengrui is mainly suitable for the greening of highway side slopes, the greening of high and steep rock slopes, and the greening of mines. Henan Hengrui Machinery focuses on greening equipment and disseminating greening technology.




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