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How to avoid the performance problems of slope greening equipment spraying opportunities in daily use?

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How to avoid the performance problems of slope greening equipment spraying opportunities in daily use?

How to circumvent the performance problems of the hydroseeder of slope greening equipment in daily use from the subtle point of view? Hengrui Machinery will explain in detail for you:


Henan Hengrui hydroseeder is an equipment used for slope greening. Through this equipment, soil matrix, grass seeds, water retention agent, adhesive, fertilizer, etc. are mixed with water in the hydroseeder mixing tank to form a colloidal slurry , Use high-lift multi-stage pressurized thick slurry pump to spray it on the slope to be planted. Because the mixed slurry contains water-retaining materials, sticky materials, and various nutrients, it protects the source of water and other nutrients required for plant growth while reducing the damage to the sprayed materials caused by rain erosion, so the plants can grow healthily.

The hydroseeder is mainly used for road (railway) slope greening, slope protection, mountain treatment, mine greening, desert treatment, landfill treatment and other projects to improve the ecological environment and landscape. When the greening equipment is running, it will encounter the problems of insufficient power and insufficient direct injection distance. If the engine throttle valve position is large and the direct injection angle is appropriate, the pipeline may not be smooth enough. At this point, the pipeline can be unblocked. In addition, it can be circumvented by the following methods:

1. After daily use, please clean the drain pipe carefully.

2. When loading the vehicle, be careful not to put foreign objects into the fuel tank to avoid blocking the pipeline. For the mud sprayer, if it is used for more than 1-2 years, the wear of the mud pump impeller may also cause insufficient spray distance.

3. When the user's soil sprayer has a large number of foam mixing shafts in the mixing tank, the speed can be reduced.

4. The slope of the slope greening equipment is getting slower and slower, and the throttle valve is still not reflecting. If the mixing shaft is in place and the throttle is suitable, then:

(1) Hydraulic oil will deteriorate and replace hydraulic oil.

(2) The hydraulic pump is malfunctioning.

(3) The hydraulic motor is malfunctioning.

(4) Wind the mixing shaft debris to remove the debris.

(5) Can not spray after starting, the reasons are as follows:

The main results are as follows:

(1) The drain pipe is clogged and foreign objects can be removed.

(2) There is air in the intake pipe, and the exhaust valve can be opened and discharged.

(3) The shaft is damaged, please contact us and replace the joint.

(4) The pump is not rotating, but is captured by foreign objects, and the foreign objects are removed.

(5) The clutch is damaged. Please contact us and replace the clutch.

The above are the problems that will arise during the daily use of the slope greening equipment hydroseeder introduced to you, I hope it will be helpful to you!




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