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How to choose a small hydroseeding machine?

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How to choose a small hydroseeding machine?

During the slope greening construction, the site is limited, and large machinery cannot enter the site, so small hydroseeding machines have become rigid requirements. So how to choose a small hydroseeding machine? You can start from the following aspects:


1. Determine the tank volume of the hydroseeding machine according to the working time interval of the sprayer and the width of the road. If the spraying work interval is close and the path is narrow, you can choose a small hydroseeding machine, such as a 2 cubic hydroseeding machine, etc.; if the spraying working interval is far, and the path width is moderate, you can choose a 4 cubic hydroseeding machine, 6 cubic spraying If the spraying work is far apart and the road is wide, you can choose an 8-cube hydroseeding machine and so on.

2. Determine the power of the hydroseeding machine according to the height and slope of the slope. If the slope is low and the slope is gentle, choose a model with lower power and economical benefits, such as a 4-cube hydraulic hydroseeder. If the slope is higher and the slope is steep, you can choose a higher power and more adaptable Powerful models, such as 8 cubic meters of guest soil hydroseeding machine, 125 kilowatts of guest soil hydroseeding machine, if long-term greening, the area is particularly large, the distance of the lead pipe is particularly large, you can choose the powerful model, such as the Hengrui 475 double Power hydroseeder for future use.


The small hydroseeder is a device used for slope greening. It is mainly used for artificial regreening of slopes with gentle slopes and low slope heights, such as soil slopes, soil-rock slopes, and three-dimensional nets. The small spray planter can also be used to spray rice fields, lawns, trees and flowers, crop seeds, etc., and the small spray planter can also be used for daily care and soil improvement work such as irrigation, fertilization, and spraying.



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