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Hydroseeding can beautify and improve the surrounding environment

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Hydroseeding can beautify and improve the surrounding environment

With the development of scientific technology,hydroseeding machine came into China in 1990s.Especially in the economic development, some slopes of the slope beautification by the spraying of the guest soil will bring a series of environmental problems, such as soil erosion, degradation and biological chain, debris flow, the damage of the microclimate of the landslide of the spraying seeder is very good. solution.

In addition to being easy to use, the hydroseeding machine and wet sprayer can beautify the environment, cultivate water sources, avoid soil erosion and landslides, and purify the air for stable, beautiful flowers, grass, and selection of types, fast soil consolidation and excellent beautification effects. Guest soil spraying equipment has a wide range of uses. It can be used to cultivate paddy fields, lawns, flowers, trees, crop seeds, etc., and can also be used for ordinary maintenance and soil improvement operations such as irrigation, fertilizer, and pesticide spraying, and it can also improve seeds, fertilizers, and soil. Agents, binders, humectants, fiber seed masking materials, straw, yellow-red soil, soil, sandy loam, clay, some strong differentiated stone soil organic mixture, improved soil, large-scale, high-concentration heavy metal concentration slurry Erupt evenly.



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