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Hydroseeding machine manufacturer

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Hydroseeding machine manufacturer

Rock slopes are common slopes in highways, railways, water conservancy, mines and other projects. Such slopes have steep terrain and no vegetation conditions. It is difficult to restore the original vegetation ecology by natural forces. If the rock slopes are not treated in time Taking restoration measures, the exposed rock slopes will cause a series of severe problems and may even cause geological disasters, such as exposed slopes destroying the ecological environment, local microclimate deterioration (heat island effect in summer), soil erosion, landslides, etc. . Taking corresponding engineering measures, under the premise of ensuring the stability of the slope, as soon as possible to cover the rocky slope with green clothing is the need to reduce ecological deterioration and beautify the environment. Require.


For rock slope greening, we need to use slope greening equipment. As the equipment for implementing side slope greening, with the rapid development of our country’s economy and technological progress, we are also constantly improving, innovating, updating, and promoting our country. The construction of ecological environment. Slope greening equipment has evolved step by step from dry spraying machine and wet spraying machine to guest soil spraying machine. The technology of guest soil spraying machine has gone from a mature stage to a modern period, and its comprehensive technical level has jumped to a new level. This allows people to see a brand-new guest soil sprayer industry. The new guest soil sprayer product work efficiency, operation quality, environmental protection, operation performance and degree of automation are all unmatched in the past, and it is moving towards intelligence. Move forward in the direction of globalization and robotics. In response to this status quo, a number of local spray seeder manufacturers have emerged on the market.

The representative guest soil spray planter manufacturer is Henan Hengrui Ke soil spray planter factory. Henan Hengrui Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the research and development, production and sales of spraying greening equipment for 15 years. Through nearly 17 years of development, it has successively obtained 4 utility model patents and 7 invention patents in the field of spraying equipment. Technology occupies an important position in the domestic spray-seeding market. Over the past ten years, we have been committed to increasing the concentration and lift of the slurry. At present, the main product is also the patented product with larger sales in the market, the 125 and 180 type of guest soil spray seeding machines, and the solid content of the slurry can reach 70-percent. It is 80 (volume ratio), the pressure can reach 2.4MPa, the lift can reach 125 meters, the exit range can reach 70 meters, and the horizontal parabola can reach 118 meters. The concentration and lift far exceed those of developed countries such as Europe, the United States, and Japan. As well as the supporting soil screening machine, climbing machine, multi-stage pressure pump, etc., the construction height can be extended to 200 meters, and the operation at high altitude is like walking on the ground. The spraying operation becomes more continuous and economical. It can realize two people, one machine and one project, which reduces construction costs, improves work efficiency, and improves domestic slope greening and ecological restoration technology.




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