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Hydroseeding material-water absorbing soil conditioner

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Hydroseeding material-water absorbing soil conditioner

Water absorbing soil conditioner is aquasorb,it is also called mini reservoir of the plant,it is a kind of organic polymer with three-dimensional network structure.It can keep the rain and water from leakage to guarantee the water around the root,and slowly release to the plant.It has the function of absorbing/storing/keeping water,plays an important role in the ecosytstem protection and windbreak and sand fixation.It is widely used in Land desertification control/agriculture plant,landscaping.


Application range:

It can be applied in road/railway/mining wasteland/quarry etc various kinds of slope protection/hydroseeding spray/sand soil/tree plant/soil erosion preventation and so on.


1. Improve soil moisture absorption, water permeability, and air permeability: This agent has strong moisture absorption, can absorb water from moist air, and can also absorb water vapor from groundwater to enhance soil moisture capacity. The gel after absorbing water of this agent is in contact with the dry soil to form a cohesive structure between the sand particles to make the soil moist. The greater the water content of the gel, the faster the water movement and the larger the diffusion surface to the surroundings.

2. Water retention and drought resistance, improvement of soil aggregate structure: After this agent is mixed with soil, it can absorb and store the previously evaporated, leaked and lost rainwater to form a "mini-reservoir", which is released for absorption by plants during droughts. Such repeated cycles of water absorption and release improve the aggregate structure of the soil, and make the pores distributed into a uniform aggregate porous structure, soft and air-permeable, which not only ensures the demand of plants, but also improves soil desertification.



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