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Performance characteristics of soil screening machine used for spraying and greening construction

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Performance characteristics of soil screening machine used for spraying and greening construction

The scope of application of the soil screening machine is large-scale soil crushing and screening projects such as crushing and screening of planting soil for spraying, screening of seedling bed soil, and screening of nutrient soil for planting flowers. Henan Hengrui Drum Crushing Soil soil screening Machine is equipped with two different configurations of diesel engine drive and motor drive. It can be configured according to requirements. The soil screening machine can crush large pieces of soil and screen materials. Its body adopts a rotatable drum. The design can carry out screw-propelled conveying of the material, so that the material can be crushed many times in succession, and the large-particle material can be easily crushed. The crushing efficiency is high. At the same time, the utilization rate of the soil material is greatly improved, and the discharge port is not easy to block the discharge port. , It is a high-efficiency soil screening machine equipment on the market.


Performance characteristics of soil screening machine for greening construction

1. Crushing function: cutting and crushing the soil to improve soil utilization and reduce construction costs.

2. High efficiency: 200-300 cubic meters of soil can be crushed and screened in a single day, and the forklift can load the material, which can be operated by two people, saving labor costs.

3. Strong adaptability: According to different soil structure, a variety of mesh specifications can be selected and matched, which is suitable for a variety of spraying equipment for larger particles of materials.

4. Convenient transition: Fully diesel powered, with a trailing arm and chassis, which can realize ordinary loader towing and short-distance special.

Hengrui team has launched two series of soil screening machines, namely crushing soil screening machines and seedling screening machines. Each has its own advantages and characteristics. Please consult the manufacturer for details. Hengrui soil screening machines for greening construction have been used in mines, roads and railways in various places. It has been applied in slope and hydropower projects and exported to Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe, America and other places along with the grand development strategy of the One Belt One Road. Make greening spraying construction more continuous and economical, and it can realize two people, one machine, one project! Greatly improve the construction efficiency.



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