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Significance and basic principles of slope greening

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Significance and basic principles of slope greening

The slope greening vegetation restoration project can be divided into soil slope greening and stone slope greening, and its environmental protection significance is obvious. Slope greening can beautify the environment, conserve water, prevent soil erosion and landslides, and purify the air. For stone slopes, the environmental protection significance of slope greening is particularly prominent. Slope greening, as an environmental protection technology, adheres to the following principles:


(1) The principle of holistic greening of slopes to ensure the stability and safety of the slopes. At the same time of greening, protection of the slopes should be considered.

(2) Principle of coordination The slope greening is in harmony with the surrounding environment.


(3) The principle of permanence. The greening of the slope shall be done once and for all. Avoid manual maintenance and management in the future.


(4) The principle of economy. Consider appropriate greening methods to be economically reasonable.


The main working methods of Hengrui slope greening equipment can be divided into different standards:


(1) According to the different plants used, it can be divided into: woody plant greening; vine plant greening; herb greening.


(2) According to the different methods of planting plants, it is divided into: planting method and seeding method. The sowing method is mainly used for the greening of herbaceous plants, and the planting method is suitable for the greening of other plants. The seeding method can be divided into mechanical method and manual seeding method according to whether machinery is used or not; according to the different seeding methods, it can also be divided into on-demand seeding, drill seeding, and sowing.

(3) According to the different sources of planting soil, it can be divided into: off-site greening and in-situ greening. According to the different materials used, the greening of off-site soil is further divided into: soil removal greening and planting concrete greening.


On the premise of complying with the basic principles of slope greening machinery and equipment, the selection of slope greening methods needs to consider the following factors: the purpose to be achieved after the slope greening, such as the level of aesthetic requirements, safety level requirements, etc.; the slope area Climatic conditions; the geological conditions of the slope itself. Such as soil quality, slope; rock slope also involves joint development; construction conditions such as construction machinery, construction season, etc.



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