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Slope greening types and methods

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Slope greening tyoes and methods

Slope greening construction technology has undergone major changes in recent years, especially the technology for plant selection for slope greening plants has matured day by day, but the comprehensive application and economic and technical analysis of slope greening technology in the industry is still relatively lagging. The following are several common types of slope greening. By understanding these types, we can better analyze the ways of saving greening technology.

Rock slopes: generally belong to high and steep slopes. The growth of plants and plants needs to be sprayed with a spray planter. For rock slopes that are not easy to develop and have good stability, greening of vines can be considered; the method is near the slope or on the slope. Place the bottom soil, plant vines on it to grow, climb, and cover the slope. For rock slopes with developed joints, full consideration should be given to slope protection. Generally, vegetation concrete is used for greening. The method is to first hang a net on the rock slope, and use a specific formula of vegetation concrete containing grass seeds to spray on the rock slope with spray anchor equipment and technology, and the vegetation concrete is condensed on the rock slope. Grass seeds grow from it, covering the slope.

High-hardness soil slope greening: When the soil compressive strength is greater than 15kg/cm2, the growth of plant roots will be hindered and the growth of plants will be stunted. This can be used to drill holes and ditches to improve soil hardness, or use plant concrete for greening.

Steep slope greening: For steep slopes above 25°, attention should be paid to slope protection when greening. Plants can be used to spray shrubs and herbaceous seeds with a soil sprayer. However, these broken piles, fences, and mortar-masonry frames are conducive to slope stability and plant growth, but these measures cannot guarantee the long-term stability of the slope, and maintenance and management are required in the later stage. For important slopes, planting concrete can be used for greening.

Scenic site slope greening: The greening aesthetics of scenic site slopes are demanding, and conditions are available for frequent maintenance and management. After the design and construction of greening, the trees should be evergreen, the grass should be the species that grows vigorously, and the flowers can also be used. Slope treatment, such as hanging nets, piling, etc. Pedestrian passages should be set up to facilitate daily maintenance and management.



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