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The principle and characteristics of hydroseeding

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The principle and characteristics of hydroseeding

Spraying and planting grass on guest soil is currently an advanced new technology for greening. This technology complies with the laws of nature and sprays organic soil substrates and other materials in proportion and thickness on the slopes that have been fixed with wire mesh in advance, and then sprays grass on them, making it difficult to use other methods. The stone slope surface for growing plants achieves the purpose of greening and solidifying the slope. The characteristics of this technology are as follows:

  1. Advanced science of technology

Greening on the stone slope cannot be done overnight, it must be done in three steps in a cyclical manner; one step is to fix the wire mesh on the stone slope; Such substrates provide the prerequisite soil conditions for plant growth; three steps, implement hydraulic spraying and planting grass. Therefore, this is a complete set of advanced grass planting technology.

Operability of implementation

This technology faces the reality that the rough stone crossing the slope cannot be directly greened, and invests realistically to artificially establish the conditions for plant growth on the slope. In addition, the technical materials are easy to obtain, the construction is standardized, the greening effect is good, and the effect of beautifying the road environment and solid slope is achieved, and it has good operability and practical value.



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