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The protective effect of Hengrui hydroseeder planting grass and greening is visible

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The protective effect of Hengrui hydroseeder planting grass and greening is visible

In recent years, during the construction process of highway slope vegetation restoration, despite various avoidance measures, in areas close to mountains, a considerable area of natural vegetation and artificial vegetation has inevitably been destroyed, making it a bare slope. In addition, a large number of slopes generated during road construction have also increased the area of bare land from another aspect. Choosing appropriate methods to restore vegetation coverage on slopes, reduce soil erosion, and consolidate roadbeds is an important link in the road landscape. , The slope occupies a larger proportion of the greenable area of the road area. Hengrui hydroseeder is used in the greening of the highway slope, and the protective effect is more effective!


Hengrui hydroseeder has high export pressure, long conveying distance, customized power, quality assurance, technical support, and good reputation in the industry. In the slope greening construction, we will provide you with an integrated overall solution for slope greening construction and ecological environment restoration.

According to the different site conditions of each road section, most highway greening adopts a combination of multiple methods, such as using galvanized wire mesh (or geogrid mesh) to spray mixed planting, hang three-dimensional nets for planting, and direct grass planting. The greening plan of various forms of comprehensive improvement, such as spraying and planting grass on the guest soil, generally adopts the spraying of the guest soil on the net for greening, and pays attention to the mutual matching of vines, shrubs and grasses to ensure the effect of three-dimensional greening, so as to achieve the green protection and landscape construction. Purpose.

In the future, many new technologies will emerge as the times require, and these new technologies will reach an ideal level for the rationality and ecological effects of highway slope greening arrangements. Hengruike soil spraying planter will also be continuously improved during the construction practice. Meet new challenges with better performance




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