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What are the precautions before using the hydroseeding machine

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What are the precautions before using the hydroseeding machine

When each customer chooses the guest soil sprayer, in addition to ensuring the quality of the guest soil sprayer, they must also understand the precautions and maintenance of the guest soil sprayer before use. Today I will tell you what to pay attention to:


1. Check the oil, water, and electricity filling conditions, and inform the filling methods and standards, and briefly explain to customers the precautions for daily maintenance of the engine and the use of tools. Let customers know how to replace the engine's three filters, daily maintenance precautions and failure warranty procedures.

2. Run-in under low load for 1-2 hours. Confirm that the machine is operating normally. Check whether the fastening screws are loose. Detailed descriptions of the function of the operation buttons and the functions of each component. Let customers master the correct operation method of the mixing gearbox, master the method of pressing and loosening the positive and negative clutch plates and the matters needing attention.

3. According to the conditions of the construction site, guide the material ratio, carry out the actual spraying demonstration, and pay attention to the control of the running-in period. Let customers master the precautions for mud pump disassembly and replacement of mechanical seals.

4. Instruct full-time staff on site to learn actual operation and material ratio.

5. Explain the daily maintenance precautions of the equipment to the full-time learners on the construction site, and the troubleshooting methods of some common faults.

6. Inform the emergency situation during the operation and the emergency treatment method. Know the follow-up service process for mechanical failures and save the phone calls of after-sales personnel.

Reasonable and standardized use of the guest soil sprayer will greatly improve the effect of guest soil sprayer. If you want to know more about the maintenance of the guest soil sprayer, please consult us.



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