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What should you pay attention to when buying a hydroseeder?

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What should you pay attention to when buying a hydroseeder?

Hydroseeding machine is a mechanical equipment for slope greening construction, and its quality directly affects the efficiency of spraying. The hydroseeder is mainly used for highway (railway) slope greening, slope protection, mountain treatment, mine re-greening, desert treatment and other projects. Therefore, users will pay attention to many problems when purchasing. Let's take a look at what matters to pay attention to when choosing a hydroseeder.


First. Choose the right model

Hydroseeders are often divided into guest soil sprayers and hydraulic sprayers according to different spraying objects. Only the right model can play the role of the sprayer. To choose the right model, we need to consider from two aspects:

1. Choose the model according to the type of slope: the height and slope of the slope are both important factors that affect the selection. The greater the height and slope, the greater the power of the corresponding matching engine.

2. Choose according to the thickness of spraying: general spraying requires 5-10 cm, and it is necessary to use guest soil hydroseeding machine; hydraulic spraying or spraying 1-2 cm can choose hydraulic spraying machine (Our hydraulic spraying machine can spray a large concentration of mud).

Second, choose the right manufacturer

1. Mainly pay attention to the thickness of the steel plate of the machine tank, the power of the engine, the mud pump, the diesel engine and the wear resistance of the wear parts. There are many manufacturers that produce hydroseeding machines, but there are not many manufacturers that can make economical, practical, convenient and practical spray seeding machines.

2. When purchasing machinery and equipment, you must first investigate the market. Site visits are more suitable.

3. When purchasing a product, check the strength of the company and whether it actually exists in reality. Many websites do not have a physical company, so we have to keep our eyes open and evaluate it carefully. If the conditions permit, you can go to the manufacturer to see.

4. Look at the company's product design, quality, and test results.

5. Look at the company's after-sales service and its credibility.

6. The best hydroseeder depends on the weight of the equipment itself. When the price of a machine with the same appearance is very different, we should pay attention to the internal structure of the machine, and we should not be greedy for small and cheap.


If you buy a hydroseeder, just choose the Hengrui sprayer, which is economical, practical and easy to operate.




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