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Why we need hydroseeding machine when we plant grass?

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Why we need hydroseeding machine when we plant grass?

Hydroseeding machine is widely used in slope greening project,applied to variou kinds of slope,and has good performance.It plays a big role in worldwide greening project,what is the advantege and function of hydroseeding machine?I will tell you in the following.


1. low cost,hydroseeding cost is much lower than Spray anchor protection, stone slope protection and biological protection.

2. It can sevae railway protection cost,reduce cleaning cost and disaster happening

3. Low construction cost,5-10 times lower than Stone masonry slope protection

4. It has a wide range of application,it can plant lawn under terrible condition

5. Good effect,lawn is even,compact

6. Mechanized construction,it constructs quickily with high efficiency

7. The grass planted by hydroseeding machine can live 15-20 years even longer time.When the grass is lush,the root can be mixed with the spray basement/stone/Rock weathered layer,it can last the life of plant to achieve long-time protect effect

8. Compared with Spray anchor slope protection and rubble stone slope protection,hydroseeding conducts easily and convenient,it is good to rehabitate stone slope

9. It can make people feel quiet and comfortable.Hard slope is a kind of damage,people who drives under this condition easily get tired.But hydroseeding can form compact lawn,green plant can make people feel quiet and comfrotable,it has positive meaning on ecosystem.

10. It guarantees plant can form Ecological stability.Spray basement is about 10cm deep,it meets the demand of plant growing.After sprayed on stone slope,45 days will be fully covered,1 year later flower and grass ecosystem is formed.Function of slope protect:hold up rain shock,reduce soil pressure by absorbing and transpiration

11. Fit for bad condition rock slope

Hydroseeding technology use Galvanized wire mesh and Steel rod anchoring,it has High tensile strength,it can effectively reduce the collapse and fall of rubble.This method is suitable for terrible condition rock slope,such as Gravel layer, soft rock, broken layer and harder base rock, etc.

Of course hydroseeding still has many advantages on planting grass,it provide convenience to slope greening project,alsp great help to our country environment protection.




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