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  • Functions and applications of hydroseeding machine


    Functions and applications of hydroseeding machineHydroseeding machine is hydroseeding grass seeding machine.The hydroseeding machine can quickly spray the plant growth substrate and grass seeds on a large area of slope and land to achieve rapid spraying and greening effects. Spraying grass planting Read More

  • Normally how many grass seeds are added to the hydroseeding machine?


    Normally how many grass seeds are added to the hydroseeding machine?Hydroseeding machine is a spray planting equipment. When working, the grass seeds, water retention agent, slow-release compound fertilizer, grass fiber and irrigation water are added to the spray planter tank and sprayed on the cons Read More

  • Hydroseeding greening machine


    Hydroseeding greening machineHydroseeding machine and grass seeding machine is common greening equipment.Hydroseeding and plant protect technology uses liquid seeding principle,fix plant seeder with fertilizer /plant soil/fiber/water absorb soil conditioner/adhensive and water,put inside the hydrose Read More

  • Small size hydroseeding machine


    Small size hydroseeding machineGenerally small size hydroseeding machine is small volume grass seeding machine(hydraulic hyudroseeding machine),tank volume is around 5m³,normally it is 2m³ and 3m³ grass seeding machine.Small size hydroseeding machine is cheap and easy to transport and mobile,it has Read More

  • Features of hydroseeding technology


    Features of hydroseeding technologyHydroseeding technology is a kind of Large-scale vegetation mechanical planting technology developed for slope greening.Main features are as following:1. Low constructing cost and high performance.Whether it is in the mixing link or the conveying and spraying link, Read More

  • Hydroseeding material-water absorbing soil conditioner


    Hydroseeding material-water absorbing soil conditionerWater absorbing soil conditioner is aquasorb,it is also called mini reservoir of the plant,it is a kind of organic polymer with three-dimensional network structure.It can keep the rain and water from leakage to guarantee the water around the root Read More

  • Meaning of slope protection


    Meaning of slope protectionWith the development of our society,our country base installation constructing is more and more rapidly.With the traffic/Water conservancy/mining/electricity and other project conducting,formed plenty of wound slope,such as road/railway/river etc.The wound slope will affec Read More

  • Why we need hydroseeding machine when we plant grass?


    Why we need hydroseeding machine when we plant grass?Hydroseeding machine is widely used in slope greening project,applied to variou kinds of slope,and has good performance.It plays a big role in worldwide greening project,what is the advantege and function of hydroseeding machine?I will tell you in Read More

  • Answer to the questions of customers about the hydroseeding machine


    Answer to the questions of customers about the hydroseeding machineHere are some questions we met in our daily work,for those who want to know about hydroseeding machine to refer.1. Mechanical and hydraulic machine`s features or advantage and disadvantage,accessories easy to wear,service life:Mechan Read More

  • Whose hydroseeding machine is better for plateau area?


    Whose hydroseeding machine is better for plateau area?With the country`s support and continuous development of poverty-stricken areas,the process of urbanization is accelerating,environment greening requirement is higher and higher.Whose hydroseeding machine is more suitable for plateau areas?We who Read More

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