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  • Hydroseeding is the fastest and easiest way to seed


    Hydroseeding is a great way to grow grass.The seed fertilizer,hydromulch,tackifier and water are all applied in on fast easy step.The use of messy straw is eliminated. Read More

  • New technology of slope greening-hydroseeding


    Hydroseeding is a spray-on water-based mixture of grass seed, wood fiber and fertilizer. It is often used to grow grass on steep slopes to help prevent soil erosion. The process of hydroseeding involves fiber mulch, fertilizer, water, seed and sometimes lime being mixed together inside a tank, and t Read More

  • Hydroseeding machine has many advantages


    First, the sowing is even, the efficiency is high, the fertilization, the mixed seed, the seeding, the mulch and so on working procedure completes in one time, by the wind power influence is relatively small, enhances the lawn establishment speed and the quality; Secondly, to overcome the influence Read More

  • Selection of vegetation for slope greening


    The selection of plants suitable for local growth is a key link.In the selection of greening materials, the first consideration is the temperature.The highest temperature determines whether the plant can survive the summer safely, and the lowest temperature determines whether the plant winters safel Read More

  • Building green highways and protecting the ecological environment


    Green highway is breaking the tradition step by step, with the strong vigor, the new idea, the new request, the new technology are derived constantly. But at present, the green highway is in the climbing stage, due to the lack of evaluation system and design guidelines, resulting in the owners of un Read More

  • Selection of vegetation for slope greening(1)


    The higher the underground growth, the deeper the root distribution, the stronger the soil and water conservation ability, and the stronger the plant's resistance to stress. Stronger meristem energy can increase the coverage and reduce the exposure of the soil. Reduce the erosion ability of precipit Read More

  • Hydroseeding for grass seeding


    Soil spraying planting is a new technique of greening in the world at present. This technique obeys the law of nature and sprays the organic soil substrates in proportion and thickness on the slopes which have been fixed with wire mesh in advance. Then it is sprayed to plant grass, which makes it di Read More

  • Technology in Slope Ecological Protection


    With the rapid development of highway, a large number of bare slopes are formed during the excavation of highway construction in, and the large areas of bare slopes are incompatible with the surrounding environment, which has caused great damage to the landscape. At the same time, there are hidden d Read More

  • Hydroseeding Application


    · Used predominantly for erosion control purpose, hydroseeding hold moisture and protect against soil loss from rain through the binding of seed, mulch, tackifiers and other soil conditioners for immediate slope protection.· Most economical method of establishing desired turf compare Read More

  • The significance and basic principles of slope greening


    Slope greening vegetation engineering can be divided into soil slope greening and stone slope greening, and its environmental protection significance is obvious.Slope greening can beautify the environment, conserve water, prevent soil erosion and landslide, and purify air.For stone slope, slope gree Read More

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